Our vision is Jesus and our mission is to love God and love people

C3 Thirroul is all about discovering Jesus in a community of people who all have unique stories, challenges and experiences but share a desire to do the journey together. We believe that The Gospel is for everyone, regardless of background, upbringing or church ‘experience’, the real message of Jesus is one of relentless grace, unconditional love and authentic community.

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Rohan and Jill have been married for 29 years and have five children, Amy (married to Nick with granddaughter Alessia), Michael (married to Hannah), Rebekah, Nathan and Jeremiah.

Rohan and Jill have been involved in pastoral ministry since 1992. They commenced as Lead Pastors of  C3 Church Thirroul in August 2020 and also serve as Senior Pastors of C3 Camden and C3 Picton where they have ministered since 2012.

Rohan is a gifted bible teacher and communicator. Two of his strongest passions are making the bible understandable so that Christians can practically apply it to their everyday lives and inspiring believers to use their gifts to bring God’s Kingdom values to the world around them. (love, justice, peace, healing etc.) Rohan also served as CEO of a church-based Community Services not-for-profit organisation for six years.

Jill is committed to her family and strives to be the best Mum and Nana she can while ministering to others. Having faced significant challenges with depression and anxiety herself has meant that she is passionate about creating safe and supportive environment where people can be transparent and vulnerable. Jill also has experience working in the Community Services sector and desires to see the church make a significant positive impact on its surrounding community. With an extraordinary gift to raise and release teams she has been instrumental in starting a host of Christian ministries and programs in this regard.

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Our Pastoral Team work with our Lead Pastors to implement our vision and values.

Jeff Baxter
Associate Pastor

Shannon and Vanessa Moir
Network Pastors

Bryan and Ruth Nakkan
Network Pastors

Amanda and Kenny Bartley
Worship Pastors

Tam and Dan Johnson
Youth Pastors

Melanie Makuch
Kids Church Pastor


C3 Church Thirroul is part of an international movement of churches who are committed to healthy relationships and connection between ministers and churches around the world.  As an international family, our members are able to walk into any of our C3 Churches around the world and know they’re home. We are united with Christ in His vision, and therefore our mission, to save the lost, make disciples and build His church.