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National Day of Prayer & Fasting


Wednesday 13th September, we will be joining with C3 Churches nationally for a day of prayer and fasting.
The four main focuses during this time of prayer and fasting will include
1. Salvations
2. Righteous Government.
3. Strong Churches.
4. Families

There is nothing more powerful than joining together in prayer, as such, we encourage you to join with us this Wednesday as you can, to pray and fast, focusing on the above points for our nation.

Message from Pastor John Pearce, National Director, C3 Church, Australia


What is Christian fasting?

The Bible speaks of fasting as abstaining from food for a time in order to grow spiritually, glorify God, enhance our spirit, receive healing, and grow our prayer life.

Fasting is not a way to get God to do what we want, fasting changes us, not God.

It is more about denying our natural appetites and raising our spiritual appetites – see Isaiah 58:6-12.

Fasting from food is not to be taken lightly. If you are new to fasting food, please consult your doctor and connect leader regarding the length of the fast and what foods you choose to abstain from.If you have health issues we suggest a non-food fast e.g. media – TV/radio/music/internet.

Prioritising Your Time

Where possible, the time that is not spent on eating (or whatever else you choose to fast from IF you have health issues) is spent on your relationship with God.

Intentionally make extra time to be with the Lord, seeking His face, praying, reading the Bible, worshiping Him, yearning to know Him more and listening to His voice

Fasting Options

  • Fast - ‘between meal’ snacks and ‘after meal’ desserts.
  • Fast - solids, so that you are on a liquid fast, drinking juices, soups, smoothies.
  • Fast - delicacies, stick to fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • A ‘Daniel’ fast – as found in the book of Daniel 10:3 – where “no choice food, no meat or wine touched my lips.”
  • See the Internet for many suggestions on Christian Fasting.

Fasting Tips

  • Plan to fast. Pray and ask God for protection, strength, and wisdom during your fast. Look ahead, you may have to rearrange your schedule or change your grocery list.
  • Consult with your connect leader and /or doctor about what is appropriate for you.
  • Start small. As with anything, fasting requires practice to become better at it.  Set yourself a challenging, but realistic goal.
  • Begin and end well. When fasting from food, the meals before and after the fasting period should be smaller and lighter than usual. End your fast very gradually.


  • Do not fast from water.
  • Fasting from food is unwise if you are diabetic, hypoglycemic, prone to migraines, pregnant, taking medication or recovering from sickness.
  • Do not fast from red meat if you’re inclined to anaemia.
  • If you have any doubts/questions, please talk to a health care professional.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.