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C3 Thirroul College

C3 Church Thirroul currently provides exciting non-accredited study opportunities on a range of bible and leadership subjects.  These course will help you to grow in your knowledge of the bible, ministry experience or in the skills and character needed to best live the Christian life. Course include:


Duration: 8 Weeks
Description: This module will provide an overview of the Gospels, Acts and non-Pauline epistles, some detailed analysis of content with application to everyday living, and guidelines for further study of the New Testament.
Learning Outcomes:
Upon the successful completion of the New Testament Survey 1 module, students will be able to:

- Identify the thematic message of the NT, and individual books of the NT
- Describe the social, cultural and historical setting of the New Testament
- Understand key information about key New Testament books such as author and date, background, purpose and key theme, major movements (sections) and key verses
- Explain the key revelation(s) from each of the New Testament Book covered in the material.

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Duration: 8 Weeks
Description: This module is designed to teach the fundamentals of leadership in a Christian church setting. Based off Ps Phil’s book ‘You the Leader’Students will have to opportunity to hear from Ps Phil Pringle on key leadership topics such as vision, prayer, attitude and communication. It will do this by first clarifying the need for, and influence of leaders, in our world. Leadership 1 will look into both the Spiritual aspects of Christian leadership, such as a leader’s relationship with God, as well as practical aspects including vision, problem-solving, attitude and love for people
Learning Outcomes:
Upon the successful completion of the Leadership 1 module, students will be able to:

- Identify important principles of leadership
- Compare different leadership styles
- Describe what leadership means from a biblical perspective
- Develop a vision for their area of leadership and a plan to implement that vision
- Describe the need for a vital relationship with God and how to improve it
- Identify leadership qualities of various biblical characters
- Describe how to walk in personal victory
- Identify different problem-solving strategies

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Duration: 5 Weeks
Description: We the Church EXIST … and have done for approximately 2000 years with a mandate to bring people far from God into fullness of life through Jesus Christ. The purpose of this 5-week course is to give a very brief summary of church history. We are not only members of the fellowship at own local church but joint members with similar congregations throughout Australia and the World; but even more than that, we are inheritors of 2000 years of history during which the Church has faced many challenges. Each night 3 brief talks will be given with 10mins discussion after each. This course will increase your knowledge of Church history and show how through 2000 years of existence, numerous internal and external challenges the Church still Exists to bring fullness of Life through Christ to us.


Main Presenter: Dr K. J McLean

11th May: Historical Background, The Humility of Jesus, Bible and Language
18th May: The Power of the Christian Message, The Tyranny of Rationality, Expansion of the Church
25th May: Life of Augustine, Roman Empire Collapse, Rise of Islam
1st June: Reformation and Luther, John Calvin, Persecution and Migration
8th June: Understanding Modern Society, Revivals, Limitations and Value of Philosophy

During each talk five to ten minutes will be available for discussion.  Notes will be provided with each session.

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